Do you Disagree ? It seems like things happen for a reason and no matter how much you think about the bad stuff, you know that some good came out of it. Things are connected. Your life and everything around you. They are all connected by a red string of fate. I use this tangible example when […]

Today is the first day of Fall.   Yesterday, my friend felt a little warm on the forehead and today another friend has a sore throat. Although the fall feels great after the summer, it isn’t called the flu season for no reason. I fear for my life when people are coughing and sneezing and […]

I was nominated by Samuditha for the Sunshine Blogger Award! THank you so much! ❤ Samuditha shares a lot of her art which I have yet to do and her blog is very colorful. Please check hers out! The RULES: •Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their […]

I’ve watched video upon video watching Popin Cookin’ candy kit videos because they are soo addicting to watch with the assembling and science. It’s like ASMR rly. I wanted to share what they are and it’s on my want list of things to buy. Many youtubers have tried it and I’m so sad because they’re […]

Okay, maybe it’s too early to be hype but OMG YASS my first 20 Followerss!! This is really exciting considering that I’ve only started one month ago and I want to really thank all of you for following me and years to come 🙂 And I just received 100 likes! Woo!! Breaking records back to […]

My Trip to Vietnam two years ago ! Here and Now The Vietnam Flag A reaally big amusement park. You can’t see rides in the picture but they’re there. My Uncle’s boat for fishing We harvested a ton of snails here. We had to walk about a mile out in this really thick mud but […]

Gosh I’ve been making a lot of love posts recently or like my relationships with other people. I’m really sorry for those who might not like them or wish I blogged about other things but yeah, today the word post is Passionate. Today being sundaay~ I want to share some of my favorite songs during […]

This is my first ever and it feels really good. I really thank clumsyandsilly for giving me this chance. I made this blog because I was starting a new life with college and I wanted to share my experiences and past experiences that I’ve had. There are so many things I love to talk about […]

Daily Prompt- Together This is going to be the first time I will be talking about one of my best friends I go to college with and his relationship with his girlfriend. I;ve known his girlfriend for about 2.5 years and she’s a nice gal. He and his girlfriend have been going out for about […]

It was hard to lose my best friend. I cried for hours and hours, wondering what would happen in the future and how I would be. Should I shut everyone out so that I don’t get hurt again, Or do I treasure those who I can still call friends in hope to have many good […]


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