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Taste Tuesdays: Bánh Mì

What’s up yall it’s taste tuesdays and today we’re going to explore my Vietnamese home cuisine, the Bánh mì. So Bánh mì is a french roll sandwich that’s filled with meat, pickled carrot & daikon radish, spreads, and veggies. It’s so good when you make them at home because you can just stuff it with […]

A Superb Woman

Superpower Back around the end of 2016, I had a sudden love for subtle tattoos and henna; and in particular, on women. Untitled At the time when I drew and painted this piece, all I thought about was to make a woman beautiful with tattoos. I think it really suits this week’s theme challenge, specially […]

Taste Tuesdays: Omurice

I haven’t made a post in a while particularly because of school and person stuff going on. But yesterday I made Omurice which is a Japanese dish which infused the omelette and fried rice dishes into one. I tried to do a new technique I’ve never done before where the egg is half cooked and […]

Anger In A Hand

I had to look up what Facade meant and I remembered what the definition was. Looking into my old arts, I figured this was the most symbolic. “A facade is the front of a building, or a kind of front people put up emotionally. If you’re mad but acting happy, you’re putting up a facade.” […]

Vietnam 2014

My Trip to Vietnam two years ago ! Here and Now The Vietnam Flag A reaally big amusement park. You can’t see rides in the picture but they’re there. My Uncle’s boat for fishing We harvested a ton of snails here. We had to walk about a mile out in this really thick mud but […]

Sunday Songs: When Love Hits

Gosh I’ve been making a lot of love posts recently or like my relationships with other people. I’m really sorry for those who might not like them or wish I blogged about other things but yeah, today the word post is Passionate. Today being sundaay~ I want to share some of my favorite songs during […]

First Award Nomination!

This is my first ever and it feels really good. I really thank clumsyandsilly for giving me this chance. I made this blog because I was starting a new life with college and I wanted to share my experiences and past experiences that I’ve had. There are so many things I love to talk about […]

Together With Her, It’s not Healthy

Daily Prompt- Together This is going to be the first time I will be talking about one of my best friends I go to college with and his relationship with his girlfriend. I;ve known his girlfriend for about 2.5 years and she’s a nice gal. He and his girlfriend have been going out for about […]

Trying to Talk to Strangers

I just started a new chapter in my life called College. It’s really difficult to make friends, stranger new friends, for some reason in college. Looking back, it was really easy to make a friend or two in a class because you were forced to be in a group project and like/hate the people you […]

Starting College Life

I Ploped into my college life last week and it’s been pretty hectic since then. I just want to summarize things that happened. After finding what I thought were the perfect classes, I ended up hating most of them after the first day which was just going over the syllabus. Scheduling into new classes is […]


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