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Working as a Library Intern (weeks 4-8)

This entry is the progress from weeks 4-8 view weeks 1-3 here: The First Few Weeks as a Library Intern Hello everyone! For today’s entry, I’d like to continue to write out my experience working as a library intern. I did a lot of art for weeks 4 and 5. I never doodle, but I […]

Working as a Library Intern (weeks 1-3)

This summer, I started my third job as an intern in my neighborhood library! I was really excited to do this job but as the days go by, I wonder if I’m fit for the job. I have been working with about 25-30 kids everyday at work. I have 0 experience with children, the youngest […]

Street Harassment: It’s Just A Complement!

I am a young Asian American adult who lives just about 10-15 minutes away from the  center city. I’ve had a pretty sheltered life growing up and I would say I still do. With that being said, I cannot tell you how many times I have been verbally harassed on the street. These include cat-calling, […]

Getting Everything Together

In my 2nd semester, I haven’t been writing much partly because I dont have a laptop anymore and I’ve been really busy finding out what my major/career should be. I took several tests involving what kind of I am with my University and it’s still going on. I’d love to make a big update but so […]

A Superb Woman

Superpower Back around the end of 2016, I had a sudden love for subtle tattoos and henna; and in particular, on women. Untitled At the time when I drew and painted this piece, all I thought about was to make a woman beautiful with tattoos. I think it really suits this week’s theme challenge, specially […]

Want to learn Japanese?

Ever wanted to learn Japanese or a new language? Let me tell you how to get started. Japanese has three systems of writing: Hiragana is the Japanese system so that they can pronounce words Katakana is the system used for foreign languages and sounds Kanji is based on the chinese characters   Above is the […]

Why Same-Sex Marriage Had to be Legal

To those reading this, this piece regards to the law 5:4 vote by the supreme made last year in the United States that all 50 states had to allow same-sex marriage, no matter how controversial. I just wanted to say that this law was made because of law and not on religion. I do not […]

What’s Attacking: Zika or Humans?

For the past month, Zika aerial spraying have been done. In South Carolina, 3 Million and counting bees fell to the floor in masses. In order to prevent the zika virus, neurotoxins and insecticides are sprayed into the air. Naled is an insecticide that could potentially harm unborn babies. It’s banned in Europe for safety reasons […]

Halal Food

Where I live, Halal is served in many places and I recently discovered that there are Six….SIX halal food carts lined up together on one side of the street at my school. For $5, you can get a tray of food and a drink. It’s a great price. But what is halal? Only recently, I […]

My Freshman Year by Nathan (thoughts)

So for class I had to read the first three chapters and my teacher brought up “consumerism capitalism.” He mentioned this term because in order to become a college student, you have the freedom of Choice: major, minor, clubs, activities, how to study and so on. Individualism: how you express yourself is through clothes, style, […]


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