Want to learn Japanese?

Ever wanted to learn Japanese or a new language? Let me tell you how to get started.

Japanese has three systems of writing:


Hiragana is the Japanese system so that they can pronounce words

Katakana is the system used for foreign languages and sounds

Kanji is based on the chinese characters


Above is the HIRAGANA system and it should be the first system you should start on. In the first photo, you have the character and pronouncication. In the center box, you should start off with column A あ first then ka then sa and so on. It’s from right to left because in Japanese texts are read usually from right to left. In the second picture, I really like the font because it’s how you SHOULD write the characters

EX. the character KI in the first photo looks like the stem and the curve is one stroke like
” き” but in writing it should look like photo two which is a stem and a curve on the  bottom, making the character to be 4 strokes.

Some words you can easily make are:
Dog いぬ-Inu
Flower はな-Hana
Sky そら-Sora
Japan にほん-Nihon


Above we have KATAKANA which should be the second system you should learn. Although it looks simple, it’s difficult to learn and remember because they all look the same. Again, start off with A column then KA until you reach N.

In KATAKANA there are two things you should know which is the ー which means you should extend the letter before the dash.

EX. coffee コーヒー:Coohii

and a dot in the center means there’s a separation between two words.


Finally, there’s KANJI. In japanese, most KANJI have more than one pronunciation as shown in the photo. There is also a “stroke order” which you should follow but it’s okay to break the rules when writing.


In Japanese, all three systems can be seen in one sentence. Here, 私 (I) is the kanji and the SU in 好き is in kanji. The words sports is in katakana スポーツ. And everything else is in hiragana.

So this was not a through lesson but if you liked this let me know and I just might start making YT videos! Hope you enjoyed this small lesson!


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