Why Same-Sex Marriage Had to be Legal

To those reading this, this piece regards to the law 5:4 vote by the supreme made last year public_opinion_of_same-sex_marriage_in_usa_by_state-svgin the United States that all 50 states had to allow same-sex marriage, no matter how controversial. I just wanted to say that this law was made because of law and not on religion. I do not mean to offend anyone but it happened so read at your discretion. ❤


In the U.S. it’s a crime to be married to two people. So, what if you married a man in one state and a woman in the other state? The state that does not recognize same sex would say you’re not committing a crime (bigamy). This was a possible problem when some states legalized and others didn’t for serious legal reasons.

Some compared it to separate but equal where some states just kind of accepted marriage, but not really.

In a case (goodridge to be exact) the court denied a woman to marry another because the Supreme Judicial Court defines marriage as:

  • Marriage is… a civil contract, founded in the social nature of man, and intended to regulate, chasten and refine the intercourse b/w the sexes; and to multiply, preserve, and improve the species. It’s an engagement with one male and woman to take each other as husband.

WAIT…But…having children was never a requirement for married couples. Sure we can make babies but we didn’t need to. There is NO LAW in the US that states you have to report back to the government how many kids you have or that it’s your civic duty to have children once you’re married.

By not allowing two people to marry because of their sex was a violation to the equal protection law and their due process (life liberty and property).

It’s so important that Same-sex should be recognized because of various scenarios.


EX. A man loves another man and has been living with him for 40 years.

  • one gets into a car accident and goes into a serious coma. If that person told his partner that if in any case, for him to pull the plug, his partner would not have the right but a very distant aunt had the right to. Someone you trusted your life to vs. blood you don’t know.
  • If one of them suddenly dies, his partner can’t be entrusted with his money or anything he owns. To the state and country, he is merely a trusted friend. Where does it go to? A mom or a dad…or any distant relative.
  • Taxes. Paying taxes as a single person is more expensive than if you were married. No one wants to marry someone they don’t love and certainly not just for the taxes or money.
  • Right now, these two men do not have rights. but married, they would automatically have legal rights under the law. That means he and his partner has life liberty and property.

These two men trust, love and care for each other for their whole adult life but they are entitled to nothing as an unrecognized couple.

So yeah, it’s important for legal reasons. It’s not about your religion or how you feel, it’s about following law that’s been here for years and years. And it’s unjust not to accept it for because you’re taking away their rights if they wanted to get married.

Hope you got something out of this groundbreaking law piece 🙂

Love will always have its way



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