Fifty Reasons Why It’s Okay to Cry


Daily post: Fifty

Not in any particular order.

Fifty reasons to cry. For me, I cry pretty much with anything and anywhere. But I like crying because I know I’m alive. Man or woman, it’s okay to cry. You are not considered defenseless or not strong, it’s a way to express sadness and joy alike.

Some of these are serious and some are a little silly but most of them I’m sure you can connect to.

A friend told me that when I cry, I know that I am one with my emotional state.

  1. a sad movie
  2. a friend going away
  3. family is fighting
  4. losing a good friend
  5. someone who is ill
  6. fighting with your boyfriendthumb_anxious-hands
  7. A good book
  8. Falling on the floor
  9. no water to safely drink
  10. Singing a touching song
  11. being ignored
  12. getting married
  13. losing a family member
  14. seeing you family after a long time
  15. fighting with your girlfriend
  16. making mistakes on the job
  17. listening to music
  18. no food at home
  19. getting your first car
  20. not going to college
  21. watching someone sing
  22. dropping out of school
  23. a birthday
  24. a hug from your dog
  25. getting attacked
  26. Seeing an old photo
  27. A new pet
  28. hitting your head
  29. saying thank you
  30. Graduating
  31. finishing school
  32. listening to motivational speeches
  33. remembering the past
  34. dropping out of college
  35. being tortured
  36. losing a job
  37. seeing someone you love get hurt
  38. Moving
  39. not having enough money
  40. clearing up misunderstandings
  41. raped
  42. scared of dying
  43. having a child
  44. divorce
  45. seeing a friend after a long time
  46. saying sorry
  47. getting a job
  48. visiting a grave
  49. failing a test
  50. seeing someone die
  51. getting something new
  52. getting help
  53. knowing you are not the only one
  54. money is an issue
  55. moving back in with parents
  56. giving up on something

This list was pretty hard to make but somehow….it became 56 reasons and not fifty .-. didn’t want to dlt them because I’m sure there are more reasons to cry, six more can’t hurt this list. ❤





  1. Nice fifty reasons.

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      1. You are welcome

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  2. Such a moving post. We forget that it’s important to allow these emotions. Wonderful work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤ Thank you 🙂


  3. bysuesway · · Reply

    Beautiful writing .

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    1. Thank you 🙂

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