He Wanted to Run Away


I had a friend in middle school who was like a brother to me and to this day he still is. His family is now made up of him, his little brother, mother, sister, and the sister’s husband.

Two years ago, he texted me and told me he wanted to run away. With a family filled with gambling, cheating, no family love, and abuse, he thought enough was enough.

That night in the winter season, I called him on the phone and I asked him what he did he think he was doing and he said he wanted to run away. I wanted to hear those words out of his mouth. For a 15 or 16 year old, it takes guts to say that. To live out in the cold with no support.

I was angry. Angry because running would mean giving in. So I cried like the little girl I was and I told him “You can’t just leave. I don’t understand what it’s like to be in your family, but know there are people who care for you. I care. I’ll care if you are out in the cold or begging on the streets.”

And he cried with me, told me it was unfair for me to cry. It was the last time I talked to him.

Today, I found out his little brother was attacked by their sister’s husband. His brother too, wants to run away… that or commit suicide. I don’t want to do anything that would hurt the tiny relationship that we have. I don’t have the courage to be their support because there is nothing I could do for them. But I am scared to say anything to his younger brother because:

Is it right to pry on someone’s business?

When is caring enough?

When they don’t need my help, will I make it worse?

Two years ago I was so young and weak and today, I am still young and weak.





  1. Wow, so hard to go through something like that. Stay strong for both you and them. Let them decide on what they feel is right but always reassure them you’ll be there on the sidelines whenever they need.

    Hope things get better. Xx

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    1. I know >..< All I can do is be by their side but I wonder if that alone is too much. Thank you so much~

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      1. Ups and downs are all part of living. Being alone isn’t like being lonely, it’s just space for you to figure things out.

        Don’t mention it. You sound like a really nice and caring friend. They’re lucky to have you. ☺️

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      2. Thank you so much 🙂

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      3. No worries ☺️

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  2. This post actually made me feel so emotional. Having an abusive family is such a traumatic experience that can stay with someone for life. No one should have to live a life so painful. I really hope someday your friend and his family are out of this mess and are going to grow into strong, wise people. And I think you putting effort to be there for them is a very kind thing. It’s so hard to find a true friend in today’s world.

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    1. Thank you thank you ❤ I'm really trying my best to let them know I'm there to support them whenever they need it. I've been so upset because it's still continuing. I cried last night because I was talking to his little brother on the same matter that happened two years ago and it really just breaks my heart. All I wish for is the best for them both.

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      1. Stay strong and tell your friends to stay strong too. Just know that oneday it will all blow over.


  3. I think there are no rules in such a situation and if you can – follow your intuition

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    1. Thank you for your advice. My first decision was to let them know that I’m on their side but I’m not going any further because I worry they might not want me to interfere. It’s a very sensitive topic for me.

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